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Dr Kenneth Kaunda, North West Province, SA

Date: 2018-02-28 14:38

So today at *censored* we were watching videos on Ouija boards, and we decided to try it on our own. I am in the ninth grade, and there were probably 65 of us that went to a small dark room and somebody had a light from their phone to light up the board that we had printed off the Internet. We used one of my friends silver rings as the planchette and three of us volunteered to try out this new Ouija board. None of us had ever done it before, and we didn 8767 t really think it was going to work. Keep in mind, this was all at *censored* but we had a study hall. We moved the ring around many times and then kept it in one place. We then asked if there was a spirit with us. No answer. We tried moving it around some more and then asked again. The ring moved a *censored* bit and then stopped. We were all freaked out and kept on asking each other who had moved the ring, but none of us had and we all swore on eachother 8767 s lives. Now before this whole thing, we had all been skeptical that Ouija boards did not work. I thought they were just a hoax and that people did and moved them to trick their friends. Then the ring moved to yes. We were all stunned. We then asked it what it 8767 s name was. It then proceeded to move to the M, then E, then the L and repeated itself three times. We said, 8775 is your name Mel? 8776 and it moved to the yes. My heart was racing, knowing that Ouija boards and communicating with spirits worked. My finger felt heavy though it was barely touching the ring at all. Both of my friends were barely holding the ring by their fingernail. We then asked what year it had died, and replied with 67 as in 7567. We also asked if it was a friendly entity and it said yes. It seemed to have left when it stopped responding to our questions so we said goodbye, but two minutes later a new group of 8 got together and asked again for the spirits name. And you can guess what it came up with, it said Mel. It said it 8767 s last name started with a D also. It was time to leave, so we left and said goodbye. We were all in amazement that this had worked and almost didn 8767 t believe it, but it really had happened. I can tell you firsthand. It you move the ring over the paperboard by hand it makes a scratchings sound, obviously. But when the spirit moved it, there was no noise at all and almost seem to hover just barely. And another point, if someone were to move it to trick the others you would be able to tell they were moving it easily. I also tried pulling gently in the opposite direction it was moving, but it seemed to resist and kept moving forward. Don 8767 t listen to this article at all, Ouiji boards work. Later that day I researched Mel D 7567 death and an article about a girl named Mel Dyson that died in 7567 came up and she lived near where we were. Ouiji boards work.

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